I can`t get a TV signal.

Contact the concierge in reception and he will report the problem to the Managing Agents to rectify soonest.

I have lost my access fob.

Spare fobs can be requested from the concierge at a cost of £25 and £35 pending which one is required. They will be programmed in for each individual property, however, please note the concierge will require proof of ID and occupancy for security reasons.

Can we rent out our property?

Yes, there is nothing within the lease to prevent a leaseholder from renting out their property but please refer specifically to the covenants within Part One of The Eighth Schedule of the lease, which also include “the prior written consent of the Manager or its agents..”. Furthermore, the Residents’ Board also wish to ensure the covenants within the leases are mirrored in all letting agreements/ASTs so all tenants are aware of their responsibilities and cease the anti-social behaviour caused by a minority- please refer to the managing agents for more information and the procedure.

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