Someone else has parked in my car park bay.

A new car park management scheme has just commenced to catch those who have been parking illegally, so please report the “foreign” vehicle to the concierge immediately. Whereas the offending car cannot be clamped or removed, you will notice the new signage all around the car park declaring offending vehicles will be subject to a fixed charge notice and they will be ticketed – this is not an empty threat and those who continue to “misuse” the car park will be caught out and fined accordingly.

I do not have a car parking bay and would like to buy/rent one.

All the car parking bays in the residents’ private first floor car park are registered to individual apartments within the leases and are for the sole use of the property’s owner- unfortunately, there are no extra spaces available and the lease is clear “if the Demised Premises does not have the benefit of an allocated Parking Space then the Lessee is not to utilise any Parking Space on the Development at any time….” However, the concierges may well know of the odd space available to be rented from time to time, so please ask them.