Can we rent out our property?

Yes, there is nothing within the lease to prevent a leaseholder from renting out their property but please refer specifically to the covenants within Part One of The Eighth Schedule of the lease, which also include “the prior written consent of the Manager or its agents..”. Furthermore, the Residents’ Board also wish to ensure the covenants within the leases are mirrored in all letting agreements/ASTs so all tenants are aware of their responsibilities and cease the anti-social behaviour caused by a minority- please refer to the managing agents for more information and the procedure.

What can we keep in our Bicycle Store?

The lease says nothing “other than pedal cycles” and “not to use the Store for storage of any petrol or other explosive or inflammable oils or other noxious substances nor to keep therein any livestock”, and both the Insurers and Fire Officer have instructed these clauses must be adhered to as any other goods could invalidate the building insurance and be a fire hazard.

Can we have a party in our apartment?

There is nothing to prevent residents having visitors, however, the lease dictates any noise must not “be audible outside the Demised Premises between the hours of 11pm and 9am” and we ask all residents to have respect for their neighbours.

Can I have a barbeque in the communal garden?

No, you use the garden “only for the purpose only of quiet enjoyment and not to use the same for any barbeques, games of recreation or playing of music at any time and not allow children under the age of 10 to be within such gardens unaccompanied by an adult at any time”.

Can I put a shed/greenhouse on my terrace?

No, nor indeed, any “sun blinds, window boxes, flower pots or other articles, barbeque, washing or flags. Indeed, the lease covenants “to use the Balcony/Terrace/Roof Terrace/Garden Terrace only for the purpose of quiet enjoyment and not to use the same in such a manner that the use will cause any nuisance or hazard to any other residents of the Development”

Are pets allowed in the properties?

No, the lease dictates “No dog, bird, cat or other animal or reptile shall be kept in the Demised Premises”.