ADMIRALTY QUARTER- relevant covenants within the registered lease for all tenants to observe





  1. To clean all the internal and external surfaces of all windows of the Demised Premises at least once in every four weeks


  1. To make good any damage to any part of the Development caused by any act or omission or negligence of any occupant of or person using the Demised Premises and (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) not to damage or interfere with the aerials and services of the Development (whether or not attached to or included in the Demised Premises) or any fire-fighting appliances (if any) or any other equipment referred to in the Sixth Schedule


  1. To comply with and make all reasonable endeavors to ensure that all persons living in or visiting the Demised Premises or using the Parking Space or any part of the Maintained Property shall comply with the Development Regulations


  1. To use the gardens forming part of the Communal Areas only for the purpose of quiet enjoyment and not to use the same for any barbeques, games of recreation or playing of music at any time and not to allow children under the age of 10 to be within such gardens unaccompanied by an adult at any time


  1. To use the Balcony/Terrace/Roof Terrace/Garden Terrace (if any) only for the purpose of quiet enjoyment and not to use the same in such a manner that the use will cause any nuisance or hazard to any other residents of the Development


  1. Not to cause any damage to the roofs of the Properties which are included within the gardens forming part of the Communal Areas and not to obstruct the same which are to keep clear and to be used as emergency access only


  1. Not to display or hang any window boxes clothes washing aerials satellite dishes or any similar telecommunications transmission or reception apparatus or thing from the Demised Premises which specifically include in this connection the Balcony/Terrace/Roof Terrace/ Garden Terrace (if any) (except aerials placed there by the Lessor or the Manager)


  1. Not to damage or remove the acoustic mat forming part of the Demised Premises being attached to the upperside of the slab


  1. Should the Lessee or the occupier of the Demises Premises (should this be a different individual) cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupiers of the Properties which gives rise to any action or correspondence being entered into by the Manager then the Lessee will forthwith pay a fixed charge of £50 to the Manager on demand to cover such administration costs involved therewith





  1. Not to use or suffer to be used the Demised Premises for any purpose whatsoever other than as a private residence for occupation by a single household and in particular not to carry on or permit or suffer to be carried on in or from the Demised Premises any trade, business or profession


  1. Not to use the garden area (if any) included with the demise for any purposes other than that related to the enjoyment of the Demised Premises as garden land and to keep the same in a neat and tidy condition and cultivated with appropriate planting and not to cause any inconvenience or annoyance to the other lessees or occupiers of other Properties in connection with the use thereof


  1. Not at any time to use any other Parking Space marked on Plan 2 other than the Parking Space allocated for use with the Demised Premises and if the Demised Premises does not have the benefit of an allocated Parking Space then the Lessee is not to utilise any Parking Space on the Development at any time (apart from any Parking Space situate on the ground floor of the Building allocated for use by the public at large upon payment being rendered in accordance with such use)


  1. Not to use the Parking Space for any purpose other than the purpose of parking a private motor vehicle not exceeding three tonnes in gross laden weight or motor cycle thereon or for the storage of non-hazardous domestic items and not to park or allow to be parked any motor vehicle wheeled vehicle or other form of transport on any other part of the Development other than pursuant to the right granted in paragraph 6 of the Fourth Schedule


  1. Not to allow any trailer caravan boat or commercial vehicle or other similar chattel to be brought on to any part of the Development


  1. Not to carry out nor allow to be carried out on a commercial basis any vehicle maintenance on any part of the Development


  1. Not to allow or cause to be allowed the deterioration of any vehicle on the Development to an unreasonable condition or to abandon any vehicle whatsoever on any part of the Development and in the event of any breach of this covenant it shall be lawful for the Manager without prejudice to its rights hereunder to arrange for the removal of such neglected or abandoned vehicle and to recover from the Lessee any costs incurred by them


  1. Not to obstruct at any time any Accessways roadways entrances stairways or corridors or any openings of whatsoever nature on the Development


  1. Not to use or permit or suffer the Demised Premises to be used for any illegal immoral or improper purpose and not to permit or suffer on the Demised Premises any act or thing which shall or may be or become a nuisance damage annoyance or inconvenience to the Lessor Manager or to the transferees lessees or occupiers of the Properties or to all owners or occupiers of any neighbouring property and to pay all costs charges and expenses of abating a nuisance and executing all such work as may be necessary for abating a nuisance or for carrying out works in obedience to a notice served by a local authority insofar as the same is the liability of or wholly or partially attributable to the default of the Lessee and not to exhibit any notice advertisement name plate or placard of any kind upon the Demised Premises


  1. Not to throw dirt rubbish rags or other refuse or permit the same to be thrown into sinks or basins lavatories cisterns or waste or soil pipes in the Demised Premises but to place refuse in the appropriate receptacles in the area provided (if any) for that purpose for the use of the Demised Premises


  1. No piano record player radio loud-speaker or other electric electronic mechanical musical or other instrument of any kind shall be played or used nor shall any singing be practiced in the Demised Premises so as to cause annoyance to other occupiers of the Properties or so as to be audible outside the Demised Premises between the hours of 11pm and 9am


  1. No dog bird cat or other animal or reptile shall be kept in the Demised Premises


  1. Not to place or fix outside the windows of the Demised Premises any sun blinds window boxes flower pots or other articles and not put hang or permit to be hung any clothing or other articles upon the outside of the Demised Premises or the Block


  1. Not to waste water supplied to the Demised Premises


  1. Not to use or permit to be used any barbeque on any part of the Demised Premises (including any Balcony/Terrace/Roof Terrace/Garden Terrace) the Communal Areas or any common parts of the Block or the Development


  1. Not to permit any washing to be hung on any balconies private terraces the Communal Areas or common parts of the Block or the Development


  1. Not to store or permit to be stored or placed any item whatsoever in the hallways stair wells or bin store areas on the common parts of the Block or the Development


  1. Not to store or permit to be stored in the Bicycle Store anything other than pedal cycles


August 2015