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Our aim is to answer as many of the common questions we regularly get asked as fully as possible here for you.

You can see the different categories of questions available below and the common questions we get asked are included under each one.

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Concierge (2)

Please read directions on the Royal Mail slip left for you or for more help, please contact the concierge who will direct you.

The concierge will be able to help but please do arrange directly with them as there is insufficient room for them to take in very large and bulky items.

Leaseholder Covenants (7)

Yes, there is nothing within the lease to prevent a leaseholder from renting out their property but please refer specifically to the covenants within Part One of The Eighth Schedule of the lease, which also include “the prior written consent of the Manager or its agents..”. Furthermore, the Residents’ Board also wish to ensure the covenants within the leases are mirrored in all letting agreements/ASTs so all tenants are aware of their responsibilities and cease the anti-social behaviour caused by a minority- please refer to the managing agents for more information and the procedure.

No, the lease states “not to erect or display any notice offering the Demised Premises for sale or letting at any time”.

The lease says nothing “other than pedal cycles” and “not to use the Store for storage of any petrol or other explosive or inflammable oils or other noxious substances nor to keep therein any livestock”, and both the Insurers and Fire Officer have instructed these clauses must be adhered to as any other goods could invalidate the building insurance and be a fire hazard.

There is nothing to prevent residents having visitors, however, the lease dictates any noise must not “be audible outside the Demised Premises between the hours of 11pm and 9am” and we ask all residents to have respect for their neighbours.

No, you use the garden “only for the purpose only of quiet enjoyment and not to use the same for any barbeques, games of recreation or playing of music at any time and not allow children under the age of 10 to be within such gardens unaccompanied by an adult at any time”.

No, nor indeed, any “sun blinds, window boxes, flower pots or other articles, barbeque, washing or flags. Indeed, the lease covenants “to use the Balcony/Terrace/Roof Terrace/Garden Terrace only for the purpose of quiet enjoyment and not to use the same in such a manner that the use will cause any nuisance or hazard to any other residents of the Development”

No, the lease dictates “No dog, bird, cat or other animal or reptile shall be kept in the Demised Premises”.

Management (1)

Yes, as long as you are a current Leaseholder and Member of Admiralty Quarter (Portsmouth) Management Ltd- fresh input and help will be most welcome, so keep your eyes open for all communication prior to the next AGM when new Directors are voted onto the Board.

Parking (2)

A new car park management scheme has just commenced to catch those who have been parking illegally, so please report the “foreign” vehicle to the concierge immediately. Whereas the offending car cannot be clamped or removed, you will notice the new signage all around the car park declaring offending vehicles will be subject to a fixed charge notice and they will be ticketed – this is not an empty threat and those who continue to “misuse” the car park will be caught out and fined accordingly.

All the car parking bays in the residents’ private first floor car park are registered to individual apartments within the leases and are for the sole use of the property’s owner- unfortunately, there are no extra spaces available and the lease is clear “if the Demised Premises does not have the benefit of an allocated Parking Space then the Lessee is not to utilise any Parking Space on the Development at any time….” However, the concierges may well know of the odd space available to be rented from time to time, so please ask them.

Security and Access (4)

Timpson Ltd is the closest @ 1 Crasswell Street, City centre, Portsmouth, Tel- 02392 819 841.

No, the lifts should not be used, however, please notify the Managing Agents if assistance could be required and the relevant details will be included within the Fire file for the Fire Brigade’s use in case of any such emergency.

They can purchase a pre-paid ticket through the car park with cash or card when they are open (7am-7pm). The concierge on duty will be able to let them into the car park to collect their vehicle if required.

Spare fobs can be requested from the concierge at a cost of £25 and £35 pending which one is required. They will be programmed in for each individual property, however, please note the concierge will require proof of ID and occupancy for security reasons.

Service and Maintenance (3)

Contact the concierge in reception and he will report the problem to the Managing Agents to rectify soonest.

The water is included within the service charges.

Trusting you do not have an emergency contact to hand, please refer to the Emergency Contacts Page or the concierge in reception.