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What’s been happening at Admiralty Quarter, Portsmouth….


If you have any observations, comments or want us to cover anything else in future newsletters, please do get in touch with Chris Kent at manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk or the Board of Directors  board@aqportsmouth.co.uk.


The AQ Board and Managing Agents

Your Board

This last half-year has been a very busy period for the management team of Admiralty Quarter. The Board reconfigured itself earlier this year to improve its effectiveness, whilst a long-term strategy has been implemented to provide financial assurance for Leaseholders and to protect the development in the years to come.

Leaseholders have experienced service charge increases, which were necessary to overcome the financial position that the developer left us in. The Board can report that we have accrued the essential reserves to allow us to start to address priority issues in H1 2018. We have also secured matched funding by the Landlord to address legacy issues with the car park entrance and pedestrian gates.

The management team is currently considering those capital projects it views as a priority to be undertaken in 2018. These projects are being scoped and cost estimates prepared, to ensure they can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and deliver value for money.

It is always prudent to make savings in operational expenditure whenever possible and this is an on-going situation. Wherever possible, the management team will be passing on to those responsible, any costs associated with anti-social behaviour, damage and clean-up operations, including some administration charges in accordance with the lease.


Security Matters

Re-programming the fob access system has improved security and had a significant impact on misuse of parking bays. The system will continue to be monitored closely, so if anyone has a concern, please email the Property Manager at manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk

At this time of year, please be extra vigilant about the security of our community. We ask that residents are careful when leaving and entering their blocks, and ensure that doors are closed before walking away. If anyone notices anything suspicious, please contact the duty Concierge on 07825 600121 or email concierge@aqportsmouth.co.uk

There have been many more parcels delivered to the Concierge office in the lead up to Christmas and in the interests of security and space, we have had to strictly enforce the revised collection procedure. We respectfully remind residents that parcels can only be left with the Concierge office by prior arrangement- parcels not collected within seven days, may be returned to sender.


Social Responsibility & Community Issues

We understand the fundraising event held at the end of September raised over £2,250.00 for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thank you for your support.

Fire protection is a priority for the management team. Please will all residents ensure they test the smoke and heat alarms in their apartments weekly. If they start to beep, it is likely the back-up batteries need replacing- usually PP3 type batteries available at many stores.

Water costs have increased significantly and this is passed on through the service charge. The management team are trying to save costs wherever possible and residents are requested to assist by using water prudently. If you are aware of the toilet cistern overflow leaking, please rectify as soon as possible as this is a major source of costly wastage. Our website carries details of plumbers and repairers who can help.

A few residents have been reported as driving at excessive speed, or the wrong way around the car park, which is extremely dangerous to pedestrians, including small children- all residents are asked to be considerate using the car park and follow the directional arrows.

There has been an increase in complaints of noise and anti-social behaviour, whilst we have also seen an increase in breaches of security within the community. Whilst we wish all residents a happy and jolly festive season, we also ask they show due regard for their neighbours. To raise a complaint, please refer to the AQ website

There is an active resident’s Facebook group where amongst other things, residents are able to advertise car park bays and bike store cages available to rent or furniture for sale.  You can join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/aqportsmouth/ but as this is a private group, please ensure you include your address when requesting to join.


Management Matters

The board has secured agreement from the landlord for a contribution towards the repair and reinstatement of the external gates. Schemes are being considered and should be implemented Q1 2018.

Carpets in the communal areas have been cleaned- these cleaning costs have increased as some residents insist on dragging rubbish bags along the carpets and floors. Please double bag all rubbish to stop leakage, because the costs for carpet cleaning are passed on through the service charge.

The bin stores frequently become unpleasant due to misuse. They are cleaned often and we ask that residents assist us by placing domestic rubbish in the black wheelie bins, whilst re-cycling and broken-down cardboard boxes are put in the green bins. Household items and furniture are not to be disposed of in the bin stores.

We are not allowed to keep animals, birds or reptiles at Admiralty Quarter under the terms of the lease. 2 dogs were found staying in flats over the last quarter and had to be removed.

A new gardening contractor was appointed in October and an improvement can be seen in the podium garden already. The Property Manager would be happy to arrange a gardening club, so please contact manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk if you are interested.



The management team would like to wish all residents a happy and relaxing festive season and will continue to work towards preserving Admiralty Quarter as an inviting and well run community to live in. If you have any ideas for the community, then please share them with the board by emailing board@aqportsmouth.co.uk . Thank You.