Welcome to the September AQ NewsletterAdmiralty Quarter Portsmouth - The Tower

What’s been happening at Admiralty Quarter, Portsmouth….

We hope you had a good summer and we warmly welcome any new residents at AQ.  For those unfamiliar with this newsletter, the Managing Agents and the Board send these out on a regular basis to keep you, the residents and leaseholders, up to speed with all the the latest news at AQ.

As ever, if you have any questions or want to get in touch, you can use the contact details on this website


The AQ Board and Managing Agents

General News

Communal Window Cleaning

Cleaning of the communal and Admiralty Tower windows is booked to be carried out on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September, so please be warned if a stranger appears at your window.

First Floor Car Park

There have been a couple of instances of some residents parking in others’ bays recently and we confirm again, A RESIDENT CAN ONLY PARK IN THEIR BAY AS ALLOCATED WITHIN THEIR LEASE- IF A RESIDENT DOES NOT OWN A PARKING BAY, THEY CANNOT PARK WITHIN THE FIRST FOOR CAR PARK BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SPARE/VISITORS BAYS. If someone is incorrectly parked in your bay, please either contact the Concierge or call the car park management company, Capital2Coast on 08448 797994, who will arrange for a warden to visit, evidence and ticket the car- therefore, all potential offenders be warned!!

Co-Operative Store

We have finally met with the Co-Operative’s Estates Surveyor and agreed for the shopping trolleys and stand to be taken away- at the same time, the advertising banners on the external side wall have been removed.

Bin Stores

Many of the bin stores are continually being used to dispose of general household items and this is costing AQ Leaseholders around £8,000 pa to have cleared. Please note, the bin stores and wheelie bins within are only for the disposal of domestic household rubbish and recycling,  and are NOT for unwanted furniture, household items, toys and pet cages (?) etc- for obvious reasons, we are keen to clamp down on those who abuse the bin stores and ask residents to report confidentially any instances to the Concierge or managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk), ideally with some idea of who is responsible.




All self-seeding vegetation has now been removed and cleared from the roofs throughout AQ- please do let us know if you notice any more.

Podium Garden

The benches have now been refurbished and replaced. A wasps nest has also been discovered, treated and destroyed.  The grass will be scarified, weeded and treated shortly.

Trees around external perimeter

The trees along Cross Street especially, will be treated shortly to kill off the bugs that some residents may have noticed. These trees will also be pruned at the same time.

Hamburg House Lift

New LED lights have been ordered and will be fitted shortly.

Social Responsibility


Some of the drains have recently been blocked, thereby causing a back-up within the surrounding ground floor apartments and overflowing in the car park, which is not pleasant for those affected- having had the affected drains professionally cleared, we have witnessed the cause is due to disposable nappies and wet wipes clogging the system. This and the cost to AQ can easily be avoided and we ask ALL RESIDENTS TO DISPOSE OF NAPPIES AND WET WIPES VIA THEIR HOUSEHOLD WASTE AND NOT THE WC.


A number of dogs have been witnessed within some blocks over the last month, which is strictly against the rules at AQ, especially because the leases state “no dog bird cat or other animal or reptile shall be kept in the Demised Premises”. Indeed, there has been evidence of fouling within the podium garden, which is most unfair on other residents using the garden and will not be tolerated. We ask all residents to help us and report (in the strictest of confidence) any dogs seen on site and ideally, which property they are from, so we can take the appropriate action.

Communal Hallways

It has been noticed a variety of furniture, personal belongings and bikes are being left outside front doors in the communal hallways and landings. Please note, this is strictly against the Fire Policy and the communal hallways must be kept clear at all times.