Welcome to the November AQ NewsletterAdmiralty Quarter Portsmouth - The Tower

What’s been happening at Admiralty Quarter, Portsmouth….

Welcome to the November edition of the Admiralty Quarter newsletter. This newsletter is put together by the Managing Agents on behalf of the AQ Board to keep you up to date with all the latest news at AQ.

As ever if you have any observations, comments or want us to cover other points in future newsletters, please get in touch with Chris Kent, from the Managing Agents.


The AQ Board and Managing Agents


General News

Balcony Decking

Due to various balconies suffering from rotten decking, we made a collective claim to the NHBC but unfortunately, this has been turned down. Therefore, we will shortly be issuing a specification and instructions to those properties affected as to how the decking must be replaced with the correct material and finish but PLEASE NOTE, NO WORKS TO THE DECKING MUST BE UNDERTAKEN WITHOUT CONSENT AND FULL COMPLIANCE WITH THE SPECIFICATION REFERRED TO ABOVE– in the meantime, if you own a unit with rotten balcony decking requiring repair, please contact the managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) to register.

Heat Detectors and Smoke Alarms

We have noticed some heat and smoke alarms “beeping” in a few apartments recently, rented properties especially, which compromises both individual properties and AQ’s first line of defence in the event of fire- please note, it is important for all residents to test their alarms on a weekly basis and change the back-up batteries regularly.

First Floor Car Park

Once again, there have been reports of residents parking in others’ bays recently and we confirm again, A RESIDENT CAN ONLY PARK IN THEIR BAY AS ALLOCATED WITHIN THEIR LEASE- IF A RESIDENT DOES NOT OWN A PARKING BAY, THEY CANNOT PARK WITHIN THE FIRST FOOR CAR PARK BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SPARE/VISITORS BAYS. If someone is incorrectly parked in your bay, please either contact the Concierge (023 92739425/07949 034673) or call the car park management company, Capital2Coast, on 08448 797994, who will arrange for a warden to visit, evidence and ticket the car. We are also able to unprogramme the fobs and bar access for repeating offenders, so please be warned!!



Car Park Gates

The issues with the main car park gates have been diagnosed and instructed to be repaired, as has the exit gate lintel- they are expected to be returned to full working order by the end of November.

Trees around External Perimeter

We have not been allowed to treat the larvae bugs in the lime trees because spraying insecticide is a H&S hazard in a residential area. However, although these larvae bugs are a natural occurrence, we have had all the trees around the external perimeter pruned back so they are not overhanging the pavements and the bugs do not interfere with pedestrians.


The communal carpets are looking very dirty in many areas around site and we have instructed these to be cleaned again- this is being carried out at the moment but if there is an area we have missed, please contact the managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) or Concierge.


Social Responsibility

Residents’ Behaviour

With the festive season approaching, we have no doubt there will be an increase of social gatherings however, we ask all residents and their guests, for whom they are responsible, to have regard for their neighbours and adhere to the “rules” of AQ- please contact the managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) if you do not have a copy of the relevant lease covenants although they can be viewed via the website here. We will not tolerate excessive noise (especially after 11pm) and unruly anti-social behaviour anywhere on site and will take action against anyone reported.


We are still receiving many complaints of “strange smells”, assumed to be drugs, emanating from various flats into the communal hallways and advise those affected to call the Police on 101- we will also be reporting the same to the Leaseholder and letting agent, who will no doubt take action because it is in contravention of the AST rental agreement.

Bin Stores

The bin stores were particularly disgusting a few weeks ago due to waste sacks and general household items being dumped all around the floors- the refuse collectors will only empty the wheelie bins, so we have to pay others to clean up the mess and clear the household items, which comes out of the service charge. Will all residents please use the use stores properly and dispose of their domestic household rubbish and recycling into the correct wheelie bins provided- please also close the lids afterwards to discourage the local squirrels helping themselves. For obvious reasons, we are keen to clamp down on those who abuse the bin stores and ask residents to report the culprits to the Concierge or managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) in complete confidence.

Washing/Flags on balconies

Please note, the leases dictate washing cannot be hung outside on the balconies etc and neither can flags, so will all residents please respect this clause.