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What’s been happening at Admiralty Quarter, Portsmouth….

Please read on for the latest updates at Admiralty Quarter.

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The AQ Board and Managing Agents

General News

Important- Fire Precautions

The Fire Safety Strategy at Admiralty Quarter was designed as a “stay put” strategy. Each apartment is provided with stand-alone 230v domestic smoke and heat alarms (with integral battery back-up) but please note, there are no fire/smoke detection systems in the communal areas, although there are automatic smoke vents, emergency lighting and dry risers, all serviced and certified. Therefore, the Fire Brigade or Concierge will not be notified automatically if there is a fire within your apartment and in any such emergency, please ensure you dial 999 immediately and vacate the premises.

All apartments have been designed with 60 minute fire protection, which allows time for the Fire Brigade to deal with the fire whilst other residents are blissfully unaware! However, it is important that all Leaseholders and residents test their smoke and heat alarms on a weekly basis, and change the back-up batteries at least once every six months– we have noticed quite a few “beeping” recently, especially in some rented properties, which compromises AQ’s first line of defence in any such emergency.

If you have any questions regarding the Fire Strategy, please contact manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk


Many residents have been contacted by Hyperoptic, a company advertising themselves as the UK’s fastest internet service provider and able to offer faster speeds. Their initial proposal includes installation of a dedicated fibre link from the local exchange, retro-fitting distribution boards and new CAT5 cable throughout AQ, all for free, but it is subject to a feasibility survey in the first instant- this would be followed by their comprehensive and detailed proposal. It all sound too good to be true but having received a number of requests from various residents who have registered their interest with Hyperoptic, we have agreed to allow them to carry out a feasibility study and provide their report in the first place.


Despite monthly visits from Rentokil, there have been some recent sightings of mice around the terraces in the podium garden and within the bin stores- whereas the time of year has much to do with it, “easy food” will only encourage them further. Therefore, would all residents please stop leaving food out in the garden for them and also take extra care when disposing of household waste into the wheelie bins (by double-bagging) to ensure no scraps of food are spilt onto the bin store floors.



Water Irrigation system

The water irrigation system throughout the podium garden is re-commissioned, ready be switched back on once the rain stops- set to start at midnight, the programme takes several hours to work through the different zones, so those using the garden in the early morning, please be aware.

Communal Carpets

Many of the communal carpets were cleaned again over the last couple of weeks and we hope you have noticed the difference- however, your help would much appreciated by ensuring feet are wiped when entering and household waste is carefully double-bagged to avoid spillage.

New carpets

New carpet is due to be laid in Centurian House in a few weeks’ time. The chosen colour is a flecked mid-blue- a departure from the original gold colour throughout the rest of AQ- with a view to rolling it out through the rest of the development in the future.


Social Responsibility

New tenants

With the influx of a number of new student tenants at this time of year, we suspect many will not be aware of the various covenants within the leases relevant to them whilst living at AQ. We have previously notified all the local letting agents of the rules and regulations by which their tenants should abide and have instructed the relevant covenants must be contained within the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements prior to their tenants’ signature- we hope this will highlight their responsibilities and negate issues caused to neighbours by inconsiderate behaviour. However, if anyone encounters any such issues, please visit the Anti-Social Behaviour page under the Residents’ Information tab on www.aqportsmouth.co.uk whilst also reporting it to manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk


Please note that BBQs are strictly NOT allowed in any parts of AQ including private terraces and balconies, as per the leases and more importantly, the Fire and H&S risks.


It was recently reported a dog had left an unpleasant “surprise” outside one apartment’s front door, which leaves us wondering how a dog can get through a fire door!? We have since caught 2 dogs being “looked after” in separate blocks but please note, the leases  state “No dog bird cat or other animal or reptile shall be kept in the Demised Premises”, so we request residents refrain from allowing any pets whatsoever onto the development.