Welcome to the January AQ NewsletterAdmiralty Quarter Portsmouth - The Tower

What’s been happening at Admiralty Quarter, Portsmouth….

Welcome to the January edition of the Admiralty Quarter newsletter.  We hope you have had a good start to 2017.

As ever if you have any observations, comments or want us to cover other points in future newsletters, please get in touch with Chris Kent, from the Managing Agents.


The AQ Board and Managing Agents

General News

Balcony Decking

It is the responsibility of individual Leaseholders to renew balcony decking boards where required at Admiralty Quarter. However, and in order to maintain a consistent approach to replacement, an application to replace rotten decking must be submitted to Admiralty Quarter (Portsmouth) Management Ltd, c/o Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors, The Old Manor House, Wickham Road, Fareham, PO16 7AR, FAO Chris Kent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk), which must include the name of applicant and address of property and upon receipt of, we will forward the required necessary specification.

Communication to Managing Agents

Would all Leaseholders and residents please use the “CONTACT US” tab on the AQ website to communicate with the managing agent- this helps us monitor and categorise all issues to determine which aspects to prioritise and report to the Residents’ Board accordingly.


The AQ Facebook is proving a great success for residents seeking to contact others.  For those unfamiliar with it, we set it up as a private group for Admiralty Quarter Leaseholders and residents only, to contact other residents, mainly to informally rent or enquire about spare car parking bays or bike store cages, or sell furniture.  You can join it here https://www.facebook.com/groups/aqportsmouth/

Communal Hallways

Various furniture, personal belongings, rubbish and bikes are being left outside some apartment front doors in the communal hallways and landings. Please note, not only is this unsightly for other residents but is strictly against both the leases and Fire Policy, so please ensure the communal hallways are kept clean and clear of rubbish at all times.



Front Doors

As previously reported, the front doors are in the process of being redecorated- whereas they are prepared in the main, the finish is slightly weather dependant but work has started.

Exit Gate Lintel

The damaged exit gate lintel is instructed to be re-built under insurance and work is due to start around the end of January.


Social Responsibility

Water Wastage

A soil vent pipe behind Prince George House has had a constant flow of water running through it over the last couple of days- in the absence of any leaks in the communal areas or reported leaks, we need to source which property it is emanating from to stop this potentially costly waste of water- we suspect a faulty valve or ball-cock could be the cause and ask all residents in Marlborough House who we have not managed to contact directly already, to inspect their plumbing as a matter of priority for either leaks or an obvious sound of running water, and contact Chris Kent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) if suspect a problem.

Car Parking

There have been some instances of residents parking in others’ bays recently and we confirm again, A RESIDENT CAN ONLY PARK IN THEIR BAY AS ALLOCATED TO THEIR PROPERTY WITHIN THE LEASE- IF A RESIDENT DOES NOT OWN A PARKING BAY, THEY CANNOT PARK WITHIN THE FIRST FOOR CAR PARK BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SPARE/VISITORS BAYS. If someone is incorrectly parked in your bay, please either contact the Concierge or call the car park management company, Capital2Coast on 08448 797994, who will arrange for a warden to visit, evidence and ticket the car.

Bin Stores

Rentokil carried out their monthly visit this week and report there are no signs of rats, however, there is obvious evidence of mice in the bin stores due to split rubbish bags being thrown on the floors- this “easy food” will encourage them further, so would all residents take extra care when disposing of double-bagged household waste into the wheelie bins and ensure no waste is left on the bin store floors.