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What’s been happening at Admiralty Quarter, Portsmouth….

Welcome to the December edition of the Admiralty Quarter newsletter.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the residents and leaseholders at Admiralty Quarter a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.

As ever if you have any observations, comments or want us to cover other points in future newsletters, please get in touch with Chris Kent, from the Managing Agents.


The AQ Board and Managing Agents

General News

Smoke & Fire Alarms

With the festive season upon us, please will all Leaseholders and residents continue to test the smoke and heat alarms in their apartments on a weekly basis. We continue to notice quite a few alarms “beeping” in various apartments, which means the back-up batteries (used in the event of mains electricity failure) are low and need replacing. These smoke and heat detection alarms are Admiralty Quarter’s first line of defence if fire breaks out.


Fire Safety Strategy

The Fire Safety Strategy at Admiralty Quarter was designed as a “stay put” strategy. Each apartment is provided with stand-alone 230v domestic smoke and heat alarms (with integral battery back-up), but please note there are no fire/smoke detection systems in the communal areas, although there are automatic smoke vents, emergency lighting and dry risers, all serviced and certified. Therefore, the Fire Brigade or Concierge will NOT be notified automatically if there is a fire within your apartment and in any such emergency, please ensure all occupiers vacate the premises and dial 999 immediately. Fire Action Notices were previously sent to all residents and are on the notice boards but if you require another copy, please either view the AQ website Fire Action Notice or contact the Concierge reception where copies are held.



With the increase of Christmas post, please be aware there is limited capacity to allow the Concierge office to take in all parcels unable to be delivered to individual properties.  Therefore, if you are expecting a delivery and will not be in, please ensure you contact the duty Concierge to arrange a suitable time and check they have the capacity. Please do not be tempted to allow packages to be left outside your door, otherwise it could disappear!  You can contact the Concierge via email concierge@aqportsmouth.co.uk or phone  023 92739425. However, please be aware there is limited capacity, so the Concierge office will only hold parcels for a maximum of 30 days.


Main Entrance Doors

The main front doors (and frames) to each block have been instructed to be cleaned down and redecorated, and work has already started.


Balcony Decking

As reported in the last newsletter, we will be shortly issuing the specification and instructions to those properties with rotten balcony decking as to how the decking must be replaced- the specification will include the correct materials, size and finish but PLEASE NOTE, NO WORKS TO THE DECKING MUST BE UNDERTAKEN IN THE MEANTIME WITHOUT CONSENT AND FULL COMPLIANCE WITH THE SPECIFICATION REFERRED TO ABOVE. If you own a unit with rotten balcony decking requiring repair, please make sure you contact the managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) to register.

Social Responsibility

Noise/Anti-Social Behaviour

Whilst we wish all residents a happy and jolly festive season, we also ask all residents to ensure they have regard for their neighbours. Unfortunately, we are still receiving occasional reports of some residents playing loud music and partying hard- not only is this not fair to others nearby but also in direct contravention of the leases, so will not be tolerated. If anyone has any such cause for complaint, please refer to the AQ website Anti-Social Behaviour or contact Chris Kent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk) providing as much information as possible.


Security/Unauthorised Access

At this time of year, please pay attention to keeping temptation out of harm’s way and be extra careful about security on site. As such, we ask all residents to be extra careful when leaving and entering their blocks and ensure the doors are closed fully on entering and leaving before walking away. If anyone notices anything suspicious, please contact either the Concierge (concierge@aqportsmouth.co.uk or 023 92739425) or managing agent (manager@aqportsmouth.co.uk or 01329 221199) immediately.


Car Park

There have been instances of a few residents driving at speed the wrong way around the car park, nearly causing an accident. Therefore, we ask resident car park users to adhere to the 5mph speed limit, whilst following the traffic direction arrows, for the safety of all.