Noise disturbances/Anti-Social Behaviour

If you are concerned that another resident is persistently causing a noise disturbance or acting in an anti-social way with general disregard to others, we suggest you can handle the situation in a couple of ways:

1Environmental Health Public Protection
Call the Portsmouth City Council Helpdesk on 02392 834167 to register the complaint.  After which an officer in the Environmental Public Protection team will write a warning letter to the tenant informing them a complaint has been made and also outlining the penalties involved should they witness the alleged nuisance- they will also provide the complainant with an out of hours number which gives them the opportunity to call direct when the noise is reoccurring.  Due to demand, we believe they will only investigate night noise following registration and activation of a complaint.

2University Student Neighbour Liaison
Disturbance by students should be reported also to the Student Neighbour Liaison team on 023 92843214 (or email, who will contact the student directly to address their behaviour.


We do have other courses of action available pending which apartments are the cause, so please report all instances to the managing agents: